Carnival is fast approaching and we had the idea of ​​having a small party filled with sweets and comforting drinks, however the Covid will not allow us to celebrate Carnival with our children at school. . Well ! Never mind we keep the celebration of the carnival, colorful, joyful and inspired, the only difference is that you will not be able to attend it directly, so here is the program for this Friday, February 19:


Children will imagine, create their disguise mask on the theme of the Amazon, they will be able to choose the wild animal of their choice, here are some examples and make it more real than life! Parents, you come into play here, ideally it would be fantastic for children to wear their animal’s disguise to match their mask however a wild animal costume will do just fine even if it’s slightly different. the mask (and if the disguise is too complicated to find then a zebra t-shirt, pants with jaguar spots, a sweater with “anilmaux” patterns will also be fine …) the imagination will do the rest: – )

Some examples of Amazonian animals:
The Jaguar
The blue beetle (very beautiful frog)
The spearhead (a terrifying serpent)
The macaw
The Goliath Spider
The anaconda
The black caiman
The Jaguar


The incredible birds of the Amazon:
Blue macaw
Macaw macaw
The Toco toucan
splendid emerald
The red-billed toucan
The Rock Rooster
etc …..

In parallel with the creation of these superb masks, the children will be able to create a plant decoration as below with a multitude of exotic leaves, on each of the leaves they will be able to write a message of peace and love for this place that needs it so much. , an artistic but also emotional implication for this magnificent forest, I will then be able to reconstitute fabulous paintings with colorful green wall and a tribe of wild animals posing just in front of them and I will take pictures of the “wild” children in their natural environment. 🙂


I appeal to the volunteer parents who would be delighted to be able to participate in the preparation of little sweets to garnish the happy afternoon tea of ​​our children, the theme being the Amazon and Brazil, perhaps we have Brazilian parents who could advise us on easy to prepare recipes typical of there, the idea is really to immerse children in the Amazon and Brazil. I found some cake recipes but is it really local? Here they are :
White cocada
Rain cakes, Brazilian croustillons
Then the typical cookies always make people happy 🙂

For parents who wish to participate, write me a little email so that I can put you on the volunteer list.


The theme of the carnival being Amazonia and Brazil, we will try to immerse children in this universe by sensitizing them to the noises and sounds of the forest, by talking to them about the amazing animals that live there, by making them discover the rhythms musical instruments (musical instruments), tell them about this great forest and if ever among you there are parents who have something to share in accordance with the theme, children’s stories that we tell each other there, songs, dances, if you have visited this part of the Earth and you have made beautiful encounters, beautiful photos do not hesitate :)!


In order to be able to share with your children everything that has been done to animate, to bring to life the spirit of carnival in the school, I will do a photo report in two parts, you will receive the images of your children creating, make their mask then I will take care of taking a photo / video of the children on carnival day in their beautiful disguises surrounded by their friends. For the classes who are working on a project other than that of Amazonian masks, we hope that they will come to dress up and will of course be photographed all together in their universe.

An event organized by the APC, the parents of hummingbirds