Come and discover what Vitalist Naturopathy is and how it can help you GET IN SHAPE!

With simple gestures boost vitality and preserve the health of your children (and yours).

Who am I?

At the birth of my 2 boys (now 14 & 11 years old) I was confronted with allergy problems from the age of 6 months.

At the same time I endured 2 autoimmune diseases triggered during pregnancy.

Finding no satisfactory answer to my questions in the conventional medical world, I explored avenues on the side of alternative medicine.

After experimenting with dietary change methods that have yielded surprising results, I form the opinion that diet is really at the heart of what makes or breaks health.

As HYPOCRATE said, “Let food be your only medicine!”

This is the first very powerful key! But alone it is not enough to overcome health problems.

I then entered the world of Naturopathy beyond food to take an interest in what creates health in a holistic, complete and lasting way and I made it my second job.

Amazed by the intelligence of the human body and its self-healing abilities, I am committed to sharing the Naturopathic keys with all people who are motivated to preserve and/or improve their health.


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