😮 This last Wednesday before the school holidays coincided with the date of Candlemas. A great opportunity to celebrate the holidays by tasting pancakes! 🥞

In order to get fully involved in the making of these pancakes, we therefore made a small frying pan to sauté them.🍳

😢 This Wednesday was also the last one I attended with your children, so I wanted to offer them a little farewell snack to thank them for all the festive moments shared with them. A new professional horizon is opening up to me, but I also wanted to thank you for the trust granted for almost two years. There is no doubt that your children will continue to flourish and have fun with the Kids Club team with whom I had a lot of fun working with during this period.🤗

🏫 The whole school thanks her for all her involvement during these years and wishes her every success in her new adventure.😘